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Interactive PDF Documents / Digital Printing Specializing in Tabloid Newsletters / Brochures / Product Sheets / Flyers / Websites / Print Brokerage

We are a company with a unique capability with 40 years of experience providing CONSULTING SERVICES in printing, book publishing and strategic direction to companies and start-ups. Our experience can help guide your needs with
print collaterals and electronic forms generation

Color Digital Printing Specializing in

Tri-Fold Brochures  Business Cards   Flyers  Postcards   Newsletters
Product Sheets
  Letterhead  Consulting  PDF Documents   Print Brokerage

Our brokerage services are produced by a massive facility with five U.S. and three international plants. 80% of the print production is processed by state of the art Heidelberg digital presses. Prepress, post, folding, cutting, binding etc., Heidelberg remains the world leader in print technology.

If we manage your project, its quality is without question. Our experience will speak for itself as we resolve your questions and your print projects are delivered. Everyone should have questions and the answers only come by asking them.
GJDesktop Solutions.

Thanks for stopping by our website. Please take a few moments and look around our pages. We are a small company specializing in digital printing output of tabloid size newsletters,  brochures, product sheets, flyers. We have a rare, but "good old fashioned interest" in what we do. With our interest in print collaterals we have the ability to develop print items suitable to your needs.

Interactive Online PDF Forms

We can SCAN your current forms as identical templates and add the
electronic fill-in functions to be processed electronically to your database.

n GJDesktop Solutions is a small company with nearly 40 years of experience in small business operations, typesetting, printing and graphics technology. We have chosen this particular tabloid production (11 x 17) format because many small offices don't have access to tabloid size machines but DO have some printing projects for their use, so, here we are!

n Our experience is working with organizations non-profits, etc. which are fast paced, sensitive to their customers as we are sensitive to your need for good quality low-cost color digital printing.

n GJDesktop Solutions services are applicable to non-profits, startups, existing businesses, home businesses, self-employed, or individuals seeking quality low-cost color digital printing and website design.

      Newsletters are a traditional and effective promotional tool for every business or organization.  Newsletters can be distributed many ways, with direct mail, at seminars, training sessions or events. Printed newsletters and brochures increase the perception of legitimacy and stability of your business. A good brochure will inform prospects about your organization, distinguish you from competitors, highlight important information as well as elevate awareness of your concern. Even if your business is Internet based, people will want a printed brochure to read and examine at their convenience. Brochures also support other marketing efforts like direct mail, sales presentations etc.

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