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Interactive Online PDF Forms

n Interactive Forms: FIRST, our online forms are built with Foxit Phantom PDF creator. In order for us and you to process these forms you must install the FREE Foxit PDF Reader.

  Download and install Foxit Free PDF Reader

Next, open the Business Card Form link below, it should open with the Foxit Reader, after filling in the form, you must save as; (any filename) to your desktop.

Next, email it to us at info@gjdesktopsolutions.com as any regular email you will have a hard copy of this order on your machine.

(Note: The Adobe Free Reader does not support fill-in and saving of its reader files.)

n As our electronic communications grow you may find your company, medical firm, service, etc. in need of ONLINE interactive PDF forms. Application, registration, client data collection forms, etc. can be built and loaded to your website for interactive fill-in online by your clients or in your office patient sign-ins and sent transparently to your database, email, etc.

Typed forms result in much more accurate field entries vs second generation transcribed data. Once electronic forms are established the client can easily setup an office terminal for an incoming client to generate his “in-patient” information and be registered electronically to your facility.


When completed, the user can PRINT a copy of his completed form and also by hitting the SUBMIT button send the complete form, with field descriptions and filled-in field data can be emailed to you or to a secure server database of your electronic records.


Interactive Forms lets you deploy PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, Word, BMP and HTML forms both inside and outside your organization’s walls.


It simplifies forms completion, enabling users to enjoy faster response times and have a more enjoyable experience filling out forms. Support for dynamic forms turns even the most complicated paper based forms into rich, easy-to-complete electronic data, a growing requirement of electronic medical records.

When building interactive forms the boxed or blank underline fields can be filled-in by your client or user typing them in interactively online at your website. The medical industry and all facilities having to deal with HIPPA requirements are working towards the development of the electronic office, internally and online.


n Accelerate form creation and processing  Online forms  make it easy to design and deploy forms. You can re-create the look and feel of your existing paper-based forms and enable users to access electronic forms through universal applications, e.g. Foxit® Reader, Adobe Reader®,  software, or a web browser—to increase user adoption and reduce training costs. By converting forms to electronic PDF documents you can begin the process of electronic file storage and management as future regulations will require such file data formats. This also makes form completion easier for customers, partners, and suppliers.

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