Interactive PDF Documents & Forms

This page is intended to provide some degree of technical information about PDF documents, forms, interactive forms and PDF page management.

Interactive PDF Forms: are generally developed by PDF software programs designed to create interactive forms which allow you to, fill-in text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, push buttons, etc. The actual production of Interactive Forms is a specialized computer application like any other service for online and downloadable, web forms. The purpose is not only to create a wide range of “business forms” but to allow them to be “filled-in” online interactively by a client and then “sent” online to the business for a complete “electronic record” or downloaded, filled-in and emailed.

The Basics: If you are working with a form, the first thing you want to do is keeping the original and saving it as a new filename, maybe using, “filled-in”, or whatever. When you open an interactive PDF form you should notice that the “Spaces” in a form for you to fill-in will have a color, usually a light blue. When you click on that color field, it will change to white AND allow you to TYPE your reply to the form question. You advance your answers by simply clicking on the next form field area. This is how they work interactively. Just fill-in your response to the questions, dates, check boxes, etc. When finished, naturally, SAVE, then you can email it as your filled-in response to the form.

PDF Documents are posted here to help you learn about digital print production. By clicking on these links, they will open the PDF file and you can download the pages to help with your projects.