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PDF Document Management Information

This page is intended to provide some degree of technical information about PDF documents, forms, interactive forms and PDF page management.

  • PDF Documents: provide a couple primary file structure methods that in some cases allow variable limited access. These variables are dependent on the facilities within the scanning software and the ability of it to output. NORMAL PDF documents when opened with a “READER” will allow you to activate and copy raw text into another program such as a Word document, etc., “cut & paste”. IMAGE PDF documents will scan the “page” as an image only and allow no ability to extract or activate text from the page.
  • Interactive PDF Documents: are generally developed by PDF software programs designed to literally draw forms, add the field text boxes, lines, check boxes, radio buttons, push button, etc. The actual production of Interactive Forms is a specialized computer application like any other service for, web design, desktop publishing, typesetting, etc. The purpose is not only to create a wide range of “business forms” but to allow them to be “filled-in” online interactively by a client and then “sent” online to the business for a complete “electronic record” of the clients form process.
  • The Software: Adobe® and Foxit Software. While Adobe sits on a large portion of the worldwide PDF market, Foxit functions up to three times faster and is less costly. Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1/PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with other PDF products like those from Adobe®.
  • PDF Readers Both these major suppliers provide fully compliant downloadable “FREE PDF Readers” to access their documents. There is however and important difference. Anyone using the Foxit Reader can open, edit and save an interactive PDF document including the fill-in input client content. The Adobe®  “Reader” version cannot edit or save an edited file. On the Adobe®  side an interactive form can only be edited by their Acrobat program so the user does not have FREE access to Interactive PDF Document processing.

*       GJDesktop Direction: We have been studying software for the 40 years of our involvement in the industry. Today, on some occasions companies are able to develop applications which “can compete” with the giants. They can produce a good or better product at nearly half the price. We have found this with the Foxit Software and recommend that you “evaluate” both these products in making your choice.

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